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Bath Tech of Colorado provides services that include the refinishing, repair and restoration of bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile, shower stalls and surrounds. We also provide cleaning and detailing of ALL the fixtures mentioned above. In addition, we offer re-grouting and re-caulking of ceramic wall tile, bathtubs, sinks and shower pans.

     Our repair services include:

  • Bathtubs, porcelain and fiberglass
  • Repair of chips, cracks, holes, and scratches
  • Rust and stain removal
  • Repair, refinish, restore fiberglass, acrylics and porcelain
  • Antique claw-foot tub restoration
  • We also provide bathroom “make ready” and detailing services for the property management and real estate industry


At Bath Tech of Colorado we are able to apply non- slip safety materials in two different ways:

  • We can apply a non-slip material to a fixture during the refinishing process.
  • We can install a permanent non-slip bathmat in an existing fixture or a previously refinished fixture. (1-year warranty).


There are currently three options when you have a worn out, tired bathroom. You can replace the fixtures, cover them up with a liner or refinish them. Refinishing is cost effective, versatile and low maintenance.

  • Save money - save thousands of dollars over remodeling and/or replacement of bathtubs, tile, or shower enclosures.
  • Save aggravation - total replacement can take several days even weeks compared to the time required for refinishing, not to mention the huge mess and inconvenience.
  • You’ll be happy for years - the high gloss finish is durable and easy to maintain. Under normal use and care, bathtubs and fixtures refinished by Bath Tech of Colorado look great for 10 or more years!


Do they offer a guarantee? Professional refinishing companies will almost always offer a warranty. This should include materials and workmanship.

  • Do they include repairs to the bathtub, shower stall, countertop? If not, find a professional that does!
  • Do they offer references? Ask!
  • Do they use an acid etch to prepare porcelain fixtures? If they don’t, find a professional refinishing company that does!
  • Do they offer written estimates and contracts?
  • Are they willing to explain their procedure? True professional refinishing companies have NOTHING to hide! If they claim that it is a “trade” secret … move on!
  • Are they willing to do physical inspections and estimates?

Thank you for visiting our web site and considering Bath Tech of Colorado for your refinishing projects. For more information please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with your questions.