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At Bath Tech of Colorado we have kept up with ALL of the latest innovations and products that are available in the refinishing industry today. We use only products and materials provided by the North American Polymer Company (NAPCO). We have experimented with almost every product line that is available but we have always come back to NAPCO. Their products are the best in the industry!

ALL of the surfaces that we refinish are thoroughly cleaned, prepped and repaired before we apply the new finish.


ALL porcelain fixtures are thoroughly cleaned, etched with a mild *industrial hydrofluoric acid etch, and then any chips and/or erosion damage are filled and wet sanded.  

*Unlike many existing refinishing franchises, Bath Tech of Colorado uses the tried and true technique of acid etching to prepare our porcelain fixtures.

Porcelain is a ceramic substrate ... in a sense it’s glass. Think about what happens over time to painted glass … the finish peels and comes off. It’s not a question of IF the finish will fail but WHEN the finish will fail. Some refinishing franchises use a so-called “bonding agent” which is no more than glue. These same companies claim that the etching process will damage the plumbing.  Hydrofluoric acid is a very mild acid and is NO more caustic than your common household drain cleaners. Acid etching breaks down the existing factory porcelain glaze so that the new finish can make an actual “mechanical” bond. The material actually soaks into the porcelain now becoming a part of the original porcelain that was fired on at the factory. Acid etching is the ONLY way to properly prepare porcelain fixtures to be refinished!



These types of fixtures are very similar as far as the preparation process for refinishing. They must be cleaned thoroughly, all contaminates must be removed (ie: silicone, soap residue, cooking grease, etc.). After the fixture has been cleaned and decontaminated, then a thorough wet sanding is done to prepare the surface for any needed repairs. Any and all chips, gouges, burn marks etc., must be repaired. At this point the fixture is masked off and the new finish is applied.


This is how the owner/operator came to be in the business of refinishing and restoring bathtubs and sinks. There is NOTHING more inviting than an old claw foot bathtub full of hot water and bubbles! At Bath Tech of Colorado, we can do practically ANYTHING you can imagine with a claw foot bathtub … we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. Interior, exterior, plated feet, you name it … we are there!