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Q: How long will it take to refinish my bathtub/fixtures?

A: Typically, it can be done in 4-6 hours. Additional repairs may lengthen the process.

Q: When can I use my bathtub?

A: You can usually use the bathtub with in 24 hours.

Q: How long will the new finish last?

A: A bathtub or fixture that is refinished by Bath Tech of Colorado, with correct care and maintenance, will last 10-15 years if not a lifetime!

Q: If my bathtub has been refinished before and the finish is failing, can it be refinished again?

A: A failing refinish job can be refinished by *stripping the old finish off of the existing fixture and starting over.

     *Many companies will cut corners by using a method called “mechanically” stripping an old finish. This is done by power sanding off the area that may be peeling or bubbling off. They DO NOT remove the entire old finish. Therefore, the material that is NOT removed can and most likely will in turn fail again in the future.

Bath Tech of Colorado completely “chemically” strips off, any and all of, the existing finish leaving only the fixture’s original surface to be refinished once more.

Q: My bathtub has shower doors. Do they have to be removed before the bathtub is refinished? Do you do that?

A: Yes. We recommend that the shower doors be removed including the tracks. The customer can remove the tracks or we can remove them. We WILL NOT take responsibility for ANY damage to the shower doors or tracks during removal.  There is an additional fee for removal and re-installation of shower doors.

Q: I want to replace my drain shoe and overflow plate…do you do that?

A: We always try to remove the *overflow plate but we DO NOT remove the drain shoe. If the customer or a plumber removes the drain shoe we can replace a new drain shoe and overflow plate that is provided by the customer.

* Bath Tech of Colorado WILL NOT take responsibility for broken or rusted screws or fasteners that may be damaged during the removal of an overflow plate. They must be replaced by the owner.

Q: Do I have to re-caulk my bathtub or do you do that?

A: We replace any and all hardware that WE removed. We also re-caulk and seal the fixture completely to insure a water-tight seal.



Do they offer a guarantee? Professional refinishing companies will almost always offer a warranty. This should include materials and workmanship.

  • Do they include repairs to the fixture? If not, find a professional that does!
  • Do they offer references? Ask!
  • Do they use an acid etch to prepare porcelain fixtures? If they don’t, find a professional refinishing company that does!
  • Are they insured? $1.5 million of liability insurance is the industry standard.
  • Do they offer written estimates and contracts?
  • Are they willing to explain their procedure? True professional refinishing companies have NOTHING to hide! If they claim that it is a “trade” secret…move on!
  • Are they willing to do physical inspections and estimates?


There are currently three options when you have a worn out, tired bathroom. You can replace the fixtures, cover them up with a liner or refinish them. Refinishing is cost effective, versatile and low maintenance.

  • Save money - save thousands of dollars over remodeling and/or replacement.
  • Save aggravation - total replacement can take several days even weeks, not to mention the huge mess and inconvenience.
  • You’ll be happy for years - the high gloss finish is durable and easy to maintain. Under normal use and care, bathtubs and fixtures refinished by Bath Tech of Colorado look great for 10 or more years!

Thank you for viewing our website and considering Bath Tech of Colorado for your refinishing projects. For more information please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with your questions.